About Us

Brinixco began as a vision that my husband, Norman & I shared to create high quality, uniquely handcrafted but also budget friendly beaded designs. The idea was launched in 2018 after I purchased a relatively expensive beaded bracelet for my then boyfriend from a local department store. Although it was nice, I was certain that he and I could create similar designs for a more reasonable price. He, being the researcher that he is, found a reputable company, purchased supplies and delivered them to my door. And so, Brinixco was born. Norman and I create all of our designs using quality materials from around the world. Our goal is to provide our customers affordable, one of a kind designs while making superior customer service synonymous with the Brinixco name; a name derived from the children of our blended family, (Br)iana, Er(in) and (Nic)holas. Brinixco!